Orangelo is a family business founded in 1981

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Founded by Stéphane Picq, Orangelo is a subsidiary of the AO+ group, a partner in office space design.

Our story is built on a family business culture to share expertise in seeking innovative solutions for office setups.

More than just a name and a logo, Orangelo specializes in furniture to bring a new dynamic to workspace design: its eco-responsible FaaS concept is the solution for constantly evolving companies, allowing them to set up easily and quickly.

1981- Creation Val Bureau


Raymond Jacques Picq, a manager in an audiovisual company, decided to create Val Bureau to supply products that facilitate communication and training in large businesses.

2003 - Fondation Arch'Office


Stéphane Picq, passionate about design office furniture, founded arch'office 'direct factory solutions' to provide personalized furniture solutions by establishing a network of manufacturing factories.

1981- Creation Val Bureau


By providing a customized service, quality offerings, and driven by a strong culture of innovation, arch'office established a design office and expanded its expertise in layout design through its understanding of user furniture needs.

2017 - Service Abonnement


We believe that the way we design our spaces can and should be different! High-quality furniture. Affordable prices. Environmental respect.

Orangelo was born, offering an innovative subscription-based service.

2020 - Pandémie concept FaaS


With the Covid-19 pandemic, change accelerated, and we pioneered the concept of FaaS (Furniture as a Service). We aim to contribute to creating flexible work environments for changing conditions.

Our values

Symbolized by our new visual identity, Orangelo represents the balance between dynamism and stability,
professionalism and ambition, experience, and innovation.

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Respect and trust lie at the core of our culture. A spirit of mutual aid and listening are our strengths to succeed together.

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We aim to promote an agile working method for better performance. Our goal is to be responsive, with an offer that is as simple as it is effective.

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Visionary thinking has always propelled us forward. We encourage initiative and creativity in everyone.

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UX Design

More than just a furniture partner, our focus is on creating experiences for users. Together, we will create a better future.

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Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality and service in the industry. Workspaces managed by Orangelo will remain functional for many years.

Our mission is to find answers to the latent and future needs of organizations. We continuously study work environments and new work methods. What an organization may need today might be unnecessary tomorrow.

We have chosen to work exclusively with responsible and high-quality furniture suppliers. That’s why all the products featured in our catalog are durable and built to last. Our circular models promote product rotation and prevent furniture waste.

Our Team

The Orangelo team has at least 10 years of experience in seeking layout solutions. The passion of our team members and the strength of our convictions give us a shared energy that guides our achievements and shapes our identity.

Our Showrooms

Orangelo uses its own offices as a testing ground, a place where we can test concepts and products on employees and then translate the experience gained into improvements and innovations. We conduct trials first before sharing them with you, our clients.


Le Village

35 rue Henri Becquerel

Tél. +33 06 37 75 97 77


Le Workcafé

13 rue de Caumartin
75009 PARIS

Tél. +33 (0)1 88 32 02 30


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