You want a workspace that’s always optimal?


The workplace as a service adapts to evolving needs. Work methods and management culture are constantly evolving, making it impossible to predict when and how your organization, the number of employees, and work methods will change. With the Covid-19 pandemic, change has exponentially accelerated, and remote work has gained significance and prevalence. Many employees expect their employer to be flexible regarding schedules and work locations. New work methods also demand that the workplace adjusts to these changes.

Discover FaaS, the agile furniture!

Furniture (as a service) becomes agile, catering to the evolution of businesses. The workplace is designed in collaboration with those who will use it, and our team of experts will oversee its implementation and optimization based on needs.The FaaS Concept allows the organization to paya monthly fee only for what it actually needs,eliminating issues related to furniture ownership. This way, the workplace will always meet current requirements and objectives.

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Let us explain

Why continue buying all your furniture when it can easily be ?



Heavy investments

Obligation to keep the same furniture for many years

Huge loss of value when reselling

Incinerated or dumped when replaced, harming the environment

RENTAL / FaaS Concept


Monthly unit prices excluding tax

Exemption from eco-contribution tax

Payment equivalent to 3 rents to trigger setup

No duration commitment required

Delivery / return within 72 hours

Each started month is owed with 0€ return fee

Possibility of furniture purchase after 60 months

100% warranty throughout the subscription

A more ecological option as our products are durable and can be refurbished

When your employees feel comfortable in their workplace, their well-being and creativity will increase. This positively impacts their work productivity. A company that considers the needs of its staff is also an attractive employer.

The FaaS concept is ideal for businesses transitioning to new work methods and an environment centered around user activities. The service is also suitable for flex workspaces shared by employees from different companies, as well as for companies wanting their employees to have an ergonomic workstation at home.

Our service offering allows your company’s employees to focus on their work while we manage facilities, furniture, and personnel throughout the lifecycle of the workplace.

Why choose the FaaS Concept?

pourquoi faas - facile


Extensive furniture selection
Express service with a 72-hour range
100% warranty (breakage)

pourquoi faas - avantageux


Real estate cost control
Furniture management

pourquoi faas - souple


Possibility of purchase
No duration commitment required

pourquoi faas - ecoresponsable


Design accessible to all
Implementation of well-being at work

In an inspiring setting,
even Mondays
bring a smile