We were eco before it became cool.


By creating Orangelo in Paris in 2017, we committed ourselves to developing a concept that combines the qualities of stylish, responsible, and sustainable furniture, all at a fair price. For us, the world doesn’t need more furniture; it needs better designed and produced furniture.

By ‘sustainable furniture,’ we mean furniture that is thoughtfully designed, 100% produced in Europe, and built to withstand life. To provide truly sustainable solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to sustainability by rethinking how furniture is designed, produced, and purchased.

Orangelo takes its responsibilities seriously

In a comprehensive approach that integrates social, environmental, and economic concerns, Orangelo involves all its industrial, economic, and financial partners in this endeavor. Our partners are conscientious about their actions and are all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We adhere to the Valdelia network to finance waste recovery.

orangelo-durabilité-économie vertueuse

Virtuous Economy

Orangelo materializes this commitment to progress by renewing both ISO 14001/9001certifications every three years(see certifications).

To ensure this approach, the SGS laboratory, an independent organization, validates the quality of product design and implementation through tests and audits.

orangelo-durabilité-optimisation des ressources


The reuse of furniture through leasing extends their lifespan, promoting a more responsible use of furniture.



End-of-life furniturethat cannot be rehabilitated is directed towards a recycling process, where raw materials are reclaimed.


Registration number in accordance with Article L. 541-10 of the Environmental Code: FR027802_10ZL5I

orangelo-durabilité- norme pollution

This policy, applied across the entire group, involves all of Orangelo‘s industrial, economic, and financial partners in a comprehensive and extensive approach to the subject. The group thus adheres to and anticipates regulatory and normative rules regarding pollution, safety measures, and hygiene. This is done by identifying, measuring, and controlling risks while considering environmental methodologies, including waste management procedures. Precise monitoring optimizes energy consumption and various external costs contributing to energy expenditure, such as transportation, among others.

Our integrated logistics: : a full service. Constantly reassessing, our goal is to provide quality service that aligns with your expectations and scheduling constraints Our team handles everything! From the removal of your old furniture to delivery and installation. Orangelo encompasses a depot, installation teams, and a fleet of trucks.

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