1 000 m²

Eurovia, a subsidiary of the Vinci Group, is the French leader in transport infrastructure works and urban development. At their Saclay agency, the management engaged ARCH.DESIGN to design and execute the layout of an Openlab, a versatile space allowing for up to 10 different areas simultaneously. This fosters creativity and innovation, enabling Eurovia teams to be agents of change.

The architects designed a space with modular furniture in an industrial style reflecting Eurovia’s profession, integrating a black asphalt path between the zones. This space allows for conventional meetings, informal gatherings, or meet-ups with visual and acoustic delineation of areas using curtains, and can be opened up as a large conference zone. The open cafeteria is a privileged exchange area at the entrance to the space, connecting this area with the offices.

Photographer: Delphine Coutant

Furniture on this project