Groupe ADP


Aéroports de Roissy Charles de Gaulle et Orly


20 000 m²

As a global leader in airport services, Groupe ADP is the leading airport operator worldwide. For their new cutting-edge offices, we were approached to design workspaces with furniture aligned with the Group’s ambitions while meeting the requirements and ensuring the health of the personnel in each service.

We installed over 1000 height-adjustable workstations, pedestals, cabinets, meeting rooms, and confidential meeting pods. Additionally, we designed a company restaurant with over 300 seats.

«We selected Orangelo to provide cabinets, meeting tables, and desks for all employees, not only for the new headquarters but for the entire ADP group. We were particularly convinced of the benefits of height-adjustable desks.»

Photographer: Alain Bouhanna / Océane Picq

Furniture on this project