Nomad Armchair

The Nomad chair is a Nordic interpretation of the traditional Moroccan wicker chair. The name is a contraction of “Nordic” and “Moroccan”, resulting in the characteristic “Nomad”.
Nomad is a reinterpretation of the classic complex wicker chair, where the number of joints is simplified to keep only its function.
Thanks to close collaboration with suppliers, numerous experiments were carried out to develop Nomad’s large seat and backrest frames, as well as the backrest base that runs from the floor to the top of the backrest in a single piece.
The seat and back are made of two large molded bamboo frames, with inlaid natural French rattan. Semi-transparent French rattan gives the large surface a light expression and enhances the beautiful construction.
The chair comes with a three-height neck cushion and a seat cushion for added comfort. The cushions are available in cognac and black leather.


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