X10 Executive Workstation

Planning for novelty while taking tradition into account. Contemporary furnishings play with the proportions and physical appeal of more traditional design. Extra thick, timeless shapes, work borrowed from master cabinetmakers, impeccable combinations of wood and leather finishes, and soft silhouettes are the ingredients for transforming status symbols into a design that conveys solidity with the lightness of a sign. In praise of the balance between material and form. Offices give way to elegant shapes and richly voluminous compositions, immediately transforming into a symbol of modernity. Strikingly simple elements, visual contrasts, sloping silhouettes and compositional interplay define the surfaces of the executive office. Elegant colors and textures to suit the tastes of the contemporary manager. The idea of a pure, uncontaminated space. A modern organization of functional zones where furnishings become the pivot of an office created to generate sensations, encounters, socialization and efficiency. Large work surfaces define solutions in which the office is lived in perfect harmony with the environment.


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Venezia / Assistante commerciale