Virginia Table.

Marie Michielssen loves working with natural, tactile materials such as plaster and papier-mâché. She had long wanted to do something with wood, a warm material that’s not exactly easy to work with, so it was a challenge for her. The result is an impressive table with a solid oak top. “As with many of my designs for Serax, I based them on one of my sculptures. Two curved elements that seem to merge form the base of the central table, clad in wood veneer. I also incorporated the masculine-feminine opposition, a recurring theme in my work. In fact, the leg can be viewed from two different angles: on the one hand, the perfect symmetry between the two elements, which is more masculine, and on the other, the fluid, curved lines, which represent the feminine aspect. The result is a harmonious whole. And as creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is more important to me than ever, I opted for a large 180 cm round top.” *** Translated with (free version) ***


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