Duo Sofa

Soft, floor-level volumes create a relaxing effect, ideal for getting together and unwinding. The shape of Duo has been redefined to achieve an elegant design, with rounded forms and soft angles. Both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, Rafa García’s Duo has been an essential part of our catalog since 2004. Today, the designer has boldly reinterpreted his creation, replacing it with Duo Mini and Duo Maxi. Their sectional nature gives them a flexible, versatile identity, accentuated by new sizes. The main differences between Mini and Maxi are seat depth and available modules. What’s more, each of the modules can now be used independently, and we’ve improved the finishing touches, because every little detail counts. The depth of the Duo seat allows the playful use of scatter cushions or even additional back cushions. Thanks to its hidden feet, its voluminous silhouette seems to float gracefully above the ground.

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Venezia / Assistante commerciale